Friday, 10 February 2017

Katja Glieson

Hey Hey Readers!

I am back with a new blog eventually.  Yes I know it has been a while but I've been doing research and following up on a few ideas , so I can bring you all something different, rather than sticking to the same sort of posts.

Thank you for continuing along on this journey with me. Hopefully , you all continue to follow my blog and the content I am going to bring you all throughout 2017.

So without further or do , it's time to get into this post.

So this blog post is on an amazing Australian singer who I have been following on various social medias for over a year .  The name which I know will be a household name one day is Katja Glieson. 

I hear you ask who is Katja Glieson . Well that is where I come in , so sit bit with a cup of tea and take the weight off your feet. 

Who is Katja Glieson ?

Katja Glieson is an unsigned Australian recording artist who moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams. 

Where it all began? 

Katja was born in Melbourne , Australia . The talented Austrailian born singer made a very difficult decision to leave her home town and her family and friends to go and start a new adventure , an adventure which would be her music career.  Katja had to work very hard to get to her goal of moving to Los Angeles in order to embark on her music career. Katja saw her self having to work a couple of jobs and save everything she made so she could make the move to the land of opportunity (Los Angeles). 

Katja Gigs/Performances

Katja has had the opportunity to play on many mainstages across a wide variety of shows which include the following:

LA Pride (2014)
OC Pride (2014)
Captial Pride (2014)

Katja Fanmily Name

The online fanmily name that Katja fans go by is Katajor . The fanmily is getting bigger and bigger with every you tube video release or with every broadcast.  

Katja is very active across her social media accounts which are listed below : 




You Tube



To conclude this blog , I want to say that since finding Katja on twitter.  She has been a very strong influencer on me as she is loving and caring towards each of her supporters.  Being a Katajor is like having one big fanmily of brothers and sisters from all over the world. An  being united with the music from one person has the strength and longevity to form friendships from oceans wide and a far. I am so proud of the things Katja has achieved thus far. I am extremely looking forward to seeing what 2017 has install for Katja and her ever growing army of Katajors.  

Thank you for reading this blog entry on Katja Glieson. I do hope that after reading you will give a follow or suscribe to the links to her social medias above .  I also hope that you say a hello and say that you are a new supporter. As , I know you will be welcomed with open arms to a family that is growing and evolving. 

Much Love Until Next Time



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